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4 Tips on How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

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The summer season is almost here! For many of us, the warm, sunny months are the ideal time to enjoy a vacation. However, before planning a getaway, you should consider what steps you might take to protect your home, so you do not return to find any unpleasant surprises. Personal insurance can be a lifesaver if your home is robbed, vandalized, or affected by a severe weather event.

Taking the Right Steps to Protect Your Home

Part of enjoying your vacation includes returning to a home just as you left it. These are some precautions you can take to protect it while you are away:

    1. Make it appear as if someone is home: If it looks like your home is empty or that you are away on vacation, burglars are more likely to target it. To avoid making a vacant home obvious, set a timer on your lights and television so they automatically turn on and off at certain times to give the impression that someone is still home. Ask your neighbor to collect your mail so it doesn’t pile up at your door. It is helpful to leave a car parked in the driveway if possible.
    2. Move your spare key: If you keep it hidden, such as in a flowerpot or above the front or back door, it is time to choose a better hiding place. A thief will search for the most common spots homeowners hide keys, so don’t make it easier! Instead, hide the key in a better location or leave it with a neighbor or friend.
    3. Avoid oversharing on social media: Many of us love sharing the details of our vacation on social media, but if you share every detail of your itinerary online, it could compromise the safety of your home. If your social media is not already set to private, reset it before you start sharing photos or videos of your trip.
    4. Unplug your appliances: Nothing is worse than finding out your home was damaged or destroyed in a fire while you are away on vacation. To help avoid this disaster, unplug any unnecessary non-timed appliances, check your smoke alarms, and replace batteries if needed. If you plan on having a house-sitter, let them know where they can find a fire extinguisher, and leave them a list of all important phone numbers, including fire, police, and family members.

No matter how well-prepared you are, accidents can still happen. Your home and possession must be protected with the right insurance policies. While you may have homeowners insurance, you may want to put personal property insurance in place to cover the replacement costs of furniture, clothing, furniture, and other valuables.

Purchase Personal Insurance to Safeguard Your Most Treasured Assets

Before you go on vacation this summer, make sure you have all the insurance coverage in place to protect your home, property, and possessions. We can help you find the policies that suit your situation at a price that you can afford! Connect with our insurance agents today to find the perfect policy for you.

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